Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind

one of my favorite covers and the words just break my heart…sung from any of the many famous voices that sing this song. i love this version.

i’m deep in it you guys. there’s no use fighting it.

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Fly On The Windscream (Final)

Depeche Mode
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I spent a summer afternoon – the summer before senior year – making out with an incredibly cute boy, from a different high school, to the entirety of Depeche Mode’s, Black Celebration.  To this day the song “Question of Lust” sends me sailing backwards into the memory.  He didn’t cross any boundaries I didn’t want crossed and kept it all at an extremely passionate PG-13.  He tasted of the cigarettes we’d all been smoking that afternoon - and I liked it.  I still know where that boy is, to this day.

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and this one:

Birthday, Sugarcubes

She Lives In This House Over There 
Has Her World Outside It 
Scrapples In The Earth With Her Fingers And Her Mouth 
She’s Five Years Old 

Thread Worms On A String 
Keeps Spiders In Her Pocket 
Collects Fly Wings In A Jar 
Scrubs Horse Flies 
And Pinches Them On A Line 

She Has One Friend, He Lives Next Door 
They’re Listenening To The Weather 
He Knows How Many Freckles She’s Got 
She Scratches His Beard 

She’s Painting Huge Books 
And Glues Them Together 
They Saw A Big Raven 
It Glided Down The Sky 
She Touched It 

Today Is A Birthday 
They’re Smoking Cigars 
He’s Got A Chain Of Flowers 
And Sows A Bird In Her Knickers 

They’re Smoking Cigars 
They Lie In The Bathtub 
A Chain Of … Flowers

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Slow Love

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