Flag Day 2012

So today is the 42nd birthday of my junior high prom date.

Hi CTR, wherever you are.   Remember how you used to ironically remark about your bday being flag day?  Well, that’s made me remember your birthday EVERY year since high school.  You and I haven’t spoken since our last year of college - remember how pissed your girlfriend (now wife, I think) was that you came down to visit me at UCSB?

Sorry our prom wasn’t everything you wanted it to be.  The theme was Forever Young by Alphaville.  Remember we snuck our friend’s date in our limo and let her parents believe YOU were her date since her real boyfriend was in his 20s and somewhat of a famous local musician?  Oh the intrigue!  The scandal!

My dress (emerald green silk/satin) was an attempt at the cool, personal style of Andie in Pretty in Pink.  I had it custom-made by a neighbor.  I loved it.  I wore sheer black stockings with seams up the back and thought I was some kind of glamour girl.  I look at our picture now (still have it) - we look about 12.  You asked me to the prom while we were driving in your little red convertible (the one you could start with a butter knife) while Steve Winwood was playing on the radio.  Awwww.

I still remember our marathon phone conversations - hours and hours at a time, broken into smaller (still hour long) segments in between family obligations like dinner and chores (we both had garbage night duty).

If I did Facebook, you’d be the kind of person I’d look for, but I don’t and I won’t. I just keep you in my heart and send you warm thoughts whenever you pop to mind - which is probably more often than you’d think.

Hope you’re well :-)